Morning Does not Begin with Coffee

Actually, mornings usually begin with coffee, but not without TELS.

Every morning houses are filled with the fragrance of freshly brewed coffee going from coffee machines imported by TELS.

TELS also takes cares of tasty and healthy food by organizing transportation of the top-brand breakfast cereals for children and adults.

It is TELS that delivers well-loved daily care make-up to your drawers and cabinets filling you with joy and vigour.

TELS understands that we all have a bit of a sweet tooth or simply need some amount of energy. That’s why you will always find chocolate bars that have conquered the world right at hand.

Thirst will never take you by surprise with TELS – you will always find everything you like on shelf displays.

When you are choosing comfortable shoes for city life or something special for a party, TELS does its best for you to find the right pair.

Road safety and security are of vital importance for everyone. That’s why TELS transports only genuine spare parts responsible for quality and operating life.

Are you in for a long journey? Owing to the equipment delivered by TELS, airports function properly.

Аre you planning to do the cleaning at the weekends? This also should be done most comfortably. Skin-friendly household chemicals removing dirt gently are carried across the borders on TELS’s vehicles.

Someone will smile and sigh thinking to themselves “If only it was cleaning …”, expecting long-lasting renovations or even house building. TELS is convinced that all this can be performed with pleasure and easily. All you need is goods and tools from reliable producers. TELS is always there to bring a wide range of various goods to your shop displays regularly.

TELS remembers that comfort and warming atmosphere in the house are important by looking after daily cares. TELS has seen about it all, including insulated floors and walls, finishing materials, stylish accessories and furniture at various price. Would you like to assemble furniture by yourself? Are you going to place a special order for rare materials? We participate in every transportation step delivering dreams to you within the shortest time possible.

Having provided daily comfort, TELS gets down to global tasks – transportation of power stations and plants, supply of all the required materials and equipment for oil and gas extraction.

Along with such serious projects, TELS is also part of cultural and art life: airplanes “filled with impressions” are carrying concert instruments and large lighting equipment, objects of high art as well as artists’ works.

Having considered the 15 years’ experience, TELS is proud to be a connecting link between the goods from producers worldwide and their place in your everyday life.

In autumn 2016, TELS group of companies is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Having started its work in October 2001 as a new player in the market of motor freight transportation between Europe and the CIS, TELS has now become a large international holding company delivering cargoes all over the world by all means of transport.

After 15 years, TELS is:

  • 12 offices in Great Britain, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine;
  • 68 countries of operation and 450 transportation directions;
  • 600 top-ranked specialist on the staff;
  • 200 automobiles in its own fleet;
  • Over 2000 vehicles carrying customers’ cargoes daily.
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