TELS Presents a New Groupage Line for Transportation from Russia to Europe

The major characteristic of LCL transportation market between Russia and the European Union is that there is a wide range of services for transporting groupage cargo from the EU to the Russian Federation by heavy trucks and small consignments from Russia transported by LCV.

TELS Groupage Cargo department announces about the successful development of the export direction for transporting groupage cargo from the Russian Federation to the EU in 2021 using a “classic groupage” scheme, which implies consolidation of several consignments in heavy transport helping reduce the delivery costs significantly.

In February 2021, a special department ensuring consistency and reliability of groupage cargo transportation from Russia to Europe was created in the company.

Marina Silkina, Head of Export Groupage Cargo Department: “We deliver small consignments to a consolidation warehouse in Moscow from almost any place in Russia. A heavy truck with groupage freight goes to Poland once a week, where it is deconsolidated and the consignments are delivered to their destinations. The transportation costs by this scheme are 25-40% lower than delivering by a separate light vehicle. If the delivery speed is more important, the customer can always opt for the direct delivery by LCV.

We are already ready to provide documentation support for such transportations. We can tell our customers about the available delivery schemes and help them choose the most convenient option in terms of export clearance.”