Russian Freight Market Assessed by Experts of Supply Chain & Logistics Forum (October 2015)

In October 2015, TELS’ representatives took part in Supply Chain & Logistics Forum in Moscow and carried out their conventional questionnaire survey.

Survey analysis report summarizes the estimate and projections of the expert group represented by over 20 CEOs and top managers of large manufacturing companies and retailers. The main conclusions made from the above-mentioned survey confirm the estimate made earlier concerning the market development of logistics services. At the same time, interesting changes are observed on some issues.

As compared to the similar questionnaire survey carried out in April, the estimate of dynamics of the Russian freight market improved significantly in October. In April, only 8% of those surveyed marked, according to their own criteria, the growth of the freight market. In autumn, this rate increased to 15%.

The explanation of this effect lies in the growth of the cargo base for certain market players amid the sanctions between Russia and EU, import-substituting policy in Russia, reduction of goods purchased abroad, which resulted in certain players (manufacturers) of the Russian market making a good profit from the situation.

19% of those surveyed marked a positive impact of the crisis on their business, which is primarily explained by the kind of business they are in. For these market players, such factors as import-substituting policy, exit of competitors from the market because of the sanctions, fall of the ruble turned out to have positive effect on their business.

At the same time, the rate of those estimating the slowdown or stagnation of their business made 55% in October as against 31% in April.