Motor trucking between the EU and Russian Federation in 2011-2012

In 2012 more than 16 million t of cargoes from the EU to Russian Federation were transported by road transport (+10,7% in comparison with 2011). The export from Russia to the EU comprised 7,55 million t (+4,7% in comparison with 2011). The export increased due to the road transportation of crude oil.

During the 4th quarter of 2012 there were no considerable changes in road transportation between the EU and Russian Federation (in comparison with the other quarters of 2012). The main importers were Germany, Poland and Finland. The cargo transfer from these countries was equal to 50% of the total cargo traffic. The biggest growth of import was observed from Poland (+26% in comparison with the same period last year).  

The major part of road transportations from the EU to Russian Federation was performed by transport companies of Poland, but at the same time Russia allocated them inadequate quotas for high traffic flow of the “to/from third countries” category. In order to resolve this problem, carriers developed a scheme that enabled them to deliver cargoes of third countries to Russia with cargo transshipment at the territory of Poland. In this case cargo is considered to be “polish” and transported to Russia by Polish motor transport as per “bilateral” permission. 

The similar factor affected the growth of import from Lithuania (+18%).

As for export motor trucking, there was a downward trend for Hungary and Germany. In 2012 there was a growing trend for Sweden. The country showed incredible results: + 1185% in comparison with 2011. This result was achieved mainly due to the transportation of crude oil to the country. In 2010 and 2011 there were no crude oil deliveries in Sweden. But it also should be mentioned that the level of crude oil transportations in the 4th quarter of 2012 considerably decreased as the volume of transportations for 9 months of 2012 was +1663%.

The new phenomenon at the market of motor trucking between the EU countries and the Russian Federation in 2012 was the increase of cargo traffic between Russia and the United Kingdom.  The cargo import from the UK to Russian Federation increased from 6,400 t in 2011 to 95,800 t in 2012.  Therefore, it may be concluded that the level of import transportations from the UK (of total number of road transportations from the EU) increased from 0,03% to 0,59% leaving behind such countries as Bulgaria, Luxembourg and Portugal.