Case. Optimization of the Scheme for Veterinary Cargo Delivery from France to Russia with Limitations in Supplier’s Veterinary Service


TELS group of companies provides international shipping of cargoes for its customers, including those that require veterinary certificates to cross EEU border successfully. According to the rules of transportation, the veterinary certificate for cargoes is issued by a veterinarian after the inspection and necessary examination of the goods loaded into the car.

What can be done when supplier’s veterinary service issues certificates only on Thursday and Friday and the supplier requests to perform loading proportionally during the week? In this case, the car loaded on Monday or Tuesday has to stand idle for 3-4 days.

Specialists of TELS Group of Companies got a task to develop an effective scheme for the delivery of pet food from France to the Russian Federation in the following conditions:

  • the schedule for issuing veterinary certificates – 2 days a week;
  • the supplier requests to supply the cars for cargo loading proportionally;
  • driver’s stay in France requires high costs when forced to wait.

Creating a delivery scheme

The delivery scheme optimization was as follows:

1. The car is loaded any day, then a veterinarian checks the cargo without issuing certificates, and the car heads for the EEU border where it stand idle waiting for the documents.

2. The driver, whose car is loaded on the day when the certificates are issued, takes the entire package of documents, delivers them to the border and gives out the certificates to the other drivers, who continue to move to their destinations.

3. If the delivery is urgent, a courier in the passenger car is sent to bring the certificates.

Loading cars during a week with a veterinarian examination but without issuing a certificate

This solution was beneficial both for the supplier and the drivers as a large number of cars on the days when the certificates are issued created a queue for loading. Some cars risked not getting loaded and receiving the certificate on the day of their arrival at the supplier’s warehouse.

Sending cars to wait in Poland

Waiting in France involves high costs because the French legislation does not allow the driver to stay in the car for more than two days, otherwise they must take a rest in a hotel. The requirements are still less stringent in Poland, and involving Polish drivers can solve the task best – the cars are parked and the drivers wait at home for their certificates.

Courier delivery of the certificates

If for some reason the time of the cars standing idle in Poland needs to be minimized, a courier is sent to bring the certificates in a passenger car. He takes the certificates from the supplier or from the driver moving along the route and delivers them to the other drivers quickly.

The result of the optimization of the logistics scheme

Owing to the solutions found when optimizing the delivery process, the Customer received the following benefits:

  • reduction in the delivery cost by reducing the costs for idle waiting in France;
  • accelerated delivery when required.

The supplier received a more convenient schedule for car loading, and drivers from Poland got a more comfortable waiting mode – rest at home.