Commodity pattern of air carriages between EU and Russia

Over recent years the air cargo turnover between the EU and Russian Federation in value terms has outstripped €7 billion. Moreover, the turnover in value terms between import and export to Russia has differed by 1.5 times, while in terms of volume there has been a tenfold divergence between them. Obviously, the import to the EU is qualified for the most expensive goods.

The average cost of air freight from the EU to Russian Federation has comprised more than €50,000 per ton, while the imported cargo from Russia to Europe has already accounted for €375,000 per ton. The category of the most expensive exported cargoes from the EU includes “Iron Ore and Scrap”, in which the average ton cost makes up €1,4 million. Russia is the largest exporter of “Natural and Industrial Minerals” commodity group to the value of more than €13 million per ton.

Over 80% of imported cargoes in the commodity pattern (€3,5 billion) have fallen within industrial products, equipment, component parts, transport and transport facilities (30 005,000 t). Additionally, nearly 15% of the share (€630 million) accrues to chemical products, though the volume of this commodity group compiles only 4% of the total volume (3 006,000 t). The largest import traffic volume (more than 42,000 t) is achieved through oil product carriages, including kerosene and jet fuel. This is the lowest-price commodity group (nearly €750 per ton).

The largest volume of exported cargo (3 003,000 t) has fallen within agricultural products, covering mainly wood materials for paper making industry. The second largest air freight commodity group is industrial products that has valued to nearly €500,000. Metal products (hot-rolled and mould steel) represent the third largest commodity group to the value of €649 million.

“Industrial products and equipment has always prevailed in the commodity pattern of air carriages between the EU and Russian Federation. This tendency can be referred to both import and export, except for the natural resources group. Nevertheless, it is quite a small share in the total cargo turnover for above mentioned commodity groups by various types of transport. Moreover, rigid price segmentation should be taken into account. The average ton of industrial facilities carried from the EU to Russia by truck transport comprises nearly €15,000, while equipment and component parts delivered by air transport amount to nearly €100,000 per ton”, - says Yuri Schidlovsky, Air Carriage Department specialist at TELS Group of companies.