Activity against Russian- and Belarusian-owned transport companies develops in Poland

On Wednesday, March 22, the RMF Radio Station reported that more than 200 trucks drove onto the ring road near Warsaw, complicating the traffic, to oppose the operation of transport companies in Poland, and to demand to ban trailers and semi-trailers with Russian and Belarusian license plates from entering the country and to renew permits for Ukrainian carriers.

Polish drivers expressed discontent with the fact that Russian and Belarusian companies were allegedly squeezing them out of the market. As one of the organizers of the rally said, Belarusian and Russian companies, which have their branches in Poland, essentially have no competition now, since they do not need to reload goods at the border.

With regard to Ukrainian carriers, Polish drivers are seeking to reestablish the procedure for issuing permits and linking them to the appropriate standard of exhaust emissions.

The protesters intended to convey their demands to the government and give them 14 days to respond. If there is no answer, the strikes will continue, threatening to reach the center of Warsaw.

Earlier, the Polish authorities announced the start of inspections of Russian- and Belarusian-owned transport companies. The first list included 60 companies from several cities.