TIR-system in Russia will be recovered, but “completed”

FCS and ASMAP announced that the Convention on International Transport of Goods Under Cover of TIR Carnets (TIR-convention,1975) operation in Russian Federation is to be restored.

13.06.15 the Decree №12 dd 29/05/2015 of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council enters in force. According to this Decree the governments of the countries-members of the Eurasian Economic Union are committed to provide continuous functioning of TIR-convention on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Main destinations of goods transportations in Russian Federation will be involved. Regarding this issue the list of border-crossing points for TIR was determined. The present and future capacities of the border-crossing points, its infrastructure and the availability of the controlling units’ divisions are taken into consideration.

Herewith Federal Customs Service declares that TIR-convention operation on the territory of Russian Federation will be accompanied with the activities of its “revision”. This was determined during negotiations between FSC and ASMAP. 

The key directions for TIR-Convention revision are as below: 

  • Secure mechanism of customs duties recovery (in corpore) form the guarantee association; 
  • Transparency assurance of IRU and guarantee associations ‘activities;
  • Level of responsibility and control raising by customs authorities where Carnet TIR is opened. This is to minimize the risks of improper declaring, customs duties evasion and other violations of customs legislation. 
  • Expanding the Executive Council of TIR-Convention,1975, and determining new rules of its establishment – it should include mainly the representatives of the countries which form the main volume of cargo traffic using TIR.

TELS note: TIR-procedure in Russia

The main idea of “TIR-procedure” is that the payment of import and export duties (or its guaranteeing in any other way) is not required for the goods transported according this procedure (till the moment of its arrival to the destination customs point). It simplifies the process of international transportation.

The goods are covered by international guarantee during the transportation. ASMAP is the Official representative of IRU in Russian Federation, this organization is a guarantor for all transportations on the territory of RU (for residents of all countries)

TIR-procedure was suspended on 14.08.2013. It was initiated by FCS RU.