Plato Developing in Russia, No Chances for it in Finland…

Instead of February 1, 2017, the government of the Russian Federation decided to increase the tariffs for heavy trucks using federal roads within Plato system from April 15 to 3.06 rubles per kilometer (while current tariffs are 1.53 RUB/km).

First of all, the enhancement of rates for the use of Russian roads will affect the profitability of domestic long distance freight transportations. That is why Russian truck drivers continue protesting against Plato system. The increase will not affect international transportations from Europe to near regions of Russia considerably.

“The tariffs will rise in Plato, which will not affect transportations from Europe to near regions of Russia – the rates will increase only by 10 Euro for transportations to Moscow. Those involved in long distance transportations will sense it deeper”, gives his comments Andrej Abragimovich, TELS CARGO director.

According to expert opinion, there are still certain advantages in Plato system for heavy truckers – all transportations have become more transparent excluding shady schemes especially used by smaller forwarding companies making price competition for honest market participants.

At the same time, any decisions reducing profitability of transportations and increasing the cost for the final consumer against unfavorable economic situation in Russia will always be painful and require a balanced approach.

In view of this, the news that the Ministry of transport and communication of Finland has suspended the toll road project seems noteworthy. Toll roads were supposed to come along with the abolition of certain taxes, such as the tax on the purchase of new cars. The project was criticized greatly both by the governing coalition and the opposing parties. Thus, the status quo preserves the existing taxes and excludes the development of a toll road system similar to Russian Plato, a state company maintaining Finnish roads by imposing road tolls.

Prepared by Marketing Department of TELS Group of companies, according to data taken from