New Regulations for the Transit of Goods Imported from Countries Imposing Sanctions via Russian Territory

The Government of the Russian Federation has established special procedures for the transit of goods from the countries that established sanctions against the Russian Federation.

The Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation № 1877 dated December 27, 2019 came into force on January 7, 2020. The document establishes the “procedures for international transit of certain agricultural goods, food staple and food transported by road or railway from countries imposing or joining in economic sanctions against Russian legal bodies or individuals via the territory of the Russian Federation to the third countries”.

Essentially, the transportation of certain goods from the above mentioned countries can only be fulfilled with electronic navigation seals and by vehicles “excluding access to the goods in the vehicles, thus maintaining the integrity of the electronic navigation seal and the contents”.

The regulations also govern:

• the issue of special vehicle recording documents to drivers engaged in such transportations;

• the requirements for identification tools (seals) based on GLONASS, global navigation satellite system technology;

• the list of entry points across the state border of the Russian Federation, stationary and mobile check points as well as railway checkpoints used in the specified transit shipments.

The Government Decree and the original text of the Regulations>>