In 2016 Russia plans to reject meat deliveries from the European Union countries

The ministry of economic development prepared Russian’s government resolution draft “On the distribution of tariff quotas amount concerning cattle, pork and fowl meat in 2016”. If the document is accepted, the USA and the EU won't be able to deliver meat in 2016 to the territory of Russia even if food embargo is cancelled.

According to the resolution draft, quotas of meat delivery to Russia will be distributed according to the decision of the Eurasian economic commission board. They will be distributed between the suppliers who imported meat into the Russian Federation in 2015. The USA and EU countries didn't deliver meat to Russia in 2015 because of food embargo. Thus, as follows from the document the USA and the EU won't be able to deliver beef, pork and fowl to the Russian Federation in 2016 under any circumstances.

REFERENCE. On 6 August 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the decree “On the Use of Specific Economic Measures for Safety of the Russian Federation” as countermeasures to the sanctions of the Western countries and for the support of domestic producers. The following day the government of Russia by its resolution imposed an annual ban on import of beef, pork, vegetables and fruit, fowl, fish, cheese, milk and the majority of dairy products from the USA, the European Union countries, Canada, Australia and Norway. On 24 June 2015, Vladimir Putin signed the decree on the extension of food embargo until 5 August 2016 inclusive.